Twas the Night Before First Grade….

From August 4-6….

On Tuesday the class lists were all posted at Lilli’s school.  Brent and I stopped by to see who her first grade teacher and classmates would be, and get her all signed up for the after school program.  We were excited to see one of her best girlfriends in class with her again, and otherwise only one other kiddo from her class last year was in her room!


We met up with Brent’s parents and got the girls back at Lilli’s gymnastics class.  Afterwards we all had some Wendy’s and Abbi showed her great “stay in the chair while eating” skills.


When the girls got home they were so excited to see their new backpacks and gear.  We let Lilli pick out a backpack, lunchbox and thermos from Pottery Barn Kids, and while I was ordering that I just had to get Abbi the little purple unicorn from their “My First Backpack” line.


I had booked Lilli a dentist appointment – she LOVES going to the dentist but was sad to hear that nothing is looking loose in there.


Afterwards she had one last camp for the summer – a “best of” day at Adventure Science.  She was back with some of the friends she’d made this summer and had a wonderful time.  They got to go to the planetarium, make some goo, plants some seeds and just play all over the summer.  A great way to end her camps since she loves ASC so much.


That afternoon was “Meet the Teacher” night.  Basically you just get to meet them and grab a few forms, you don’t get to go in the room.  Her teacher seemed really sweet and she saw some old buddies from last year.


And they had popsicles.


Abbi was a proud peacock with her new backpack.  She can’t wait to be a big kid and ride Lilli’s bus, so she feels pretty special with a “pack pack”.  And we gave her Lilli’s old lunchbox from last year so she’s styling for the new year.


For the very last day of summer we took the day off and declared it “Lilli Day”.  We gave her a ton of options of things to do and she wanted to go out to breakfast and go to the mall.  DONE! We tried the new Just Love Coffee in our neighborhood.  It’s an upscale coffee joint with all kinds of specialty waffles.  It was pretty good but not really amazing for the price.  We did have a great and relaxing time.


Lilli has never met an animal print or fur she doesn’t love.  She could move right into Pottery Barn.


And every good outing involves a piercing.  So I finally got my ears re-pierced.  I had so much trouble with them while I was pregnant with Abbi and afterwards that they just regrew.  I’m hoping I can handle it now because I’ve missed wearing earrings.


Lilli really wanted me to buy these.


Luckily Abbi never found out about our big kid day or we probably would’ve gotten this look from her.  And don’t ask how potty training is going because it just isn’t….

And with that, our summer was over WAY too fast and it was time to get back into school mode.  Sigh.


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