The First Day of School

From August 7th….

And just like that summer was over and it was back to school time.  It’s hard to believe how quickly summer went!

Everyone was in bed early and up excited for the first day.  She picked out her outfit at Gap and shoes at H&M. She’s got her very own girlie style!


I guess “Good bye Summer” would be a more appropriate mat now!

Girls pic!


Abbi wanted to be all in the middle of the picture taking.


I took Lilli to school to help her find her class.  Since we hadn’t been in the room before I didn’t want her to ride the bus on the first day of school.  We walked in and found her spot.


And her best buddy Reese sits right behind her.  They were so excited to see each other!


It was only a half day and I took the entire day off to get some things done around the house so Lilli was a “Civitan walker” and got to come out and meet me on the playground.  She was actually mad at me for taking the day off because she wanted to stay for after-care and play with her friends.  Lesson learned!!


She picked Mexican for lunch and wanted us to sit together on the same side of the booth.  I guess that’s a treat when baby sis isn’t around hogging me!


That night Cheekwood was open late for “Spanish nights” with live music and poetry.  So we got dolled up to go.  Abbi wanted to put on some lipstick so we worked on “lipstick face”.


Lilli changed clothes into something less academic and more evening wear.


We grabbed some Chic Fil A for a picnic and enjoyed the music on the big hill while the girls literally ran, tumbled, and cartwheeled their way up and down and played with other kiddos.


Abbi and I hung out at the trains for a long, long time.


Brent and Lilli checked out the gallery.


And we had popsicles.  About half went in Abbi’s mouth and the other half all over clothes and the rest of us.  It was a great first day back to school and Lilli is so excited about first grade!


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