Back in the Groove

From August 9-12…..

Our last visit to the outdoor pool for the summer was on Sunday afternoon.  We definitely made the most of pool time this summer and Lilli saw a lot of improvement in her swimming.  I’m just sad because my tan lines are already fading!


My grocery store buddy.


I vow that I never want one of these giant buggies again.  They’re like driving a boat and she won’t stay in it at all.  And you can’t organize your stuff as easily.


My iced coffee buddy. She loves any and all foods and beverages.


Back to school – the first full day of school and the first time riding the bus for the year.  She picked this outfit out all herself at Gap Kids and I’ve got to say – she can pull it off! I don’t know too many people who can look completely normal in blue cheetah pants and pink hightops (those are from H&M).


Super excited to see her bus pulling up right on time! We have the best bus driver – he is NEVER late!!


After school we try and spend as much time as we can outside because the daylight is definitely getting shorter! We’ve had fun collecting cicada shells all over the yard.


A little ice cream in and on her belly.


Brent cleaned and organized the garage and it unearthed the wagon.  We’ve had fun going up and down the street.


Lilli’s first papers in kindergarten.  She’s pretty into the big words right now!


Her gymnastics schedule changed for fall – now we’re back to once a week but a much longer class.  And here’s how she arrived on night 1.  First grade is the real deal…..


Meanwhile, I took Abbi to Fresh Market to pick up a few party supplies for my intern’s going away party.  Shoes and socks off and major tantrum.  You could say it didn’t go well.


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