Bowling Buddies

From August 13 – 15….

Abbi.  what can you say? She marches to the beat of her own drum.


Morning sister snuggles.  Or really, she’s probably just attacking her.


Our meal times are anything but classy.  Which is why they’ve been booted to the kids table, where they will remain until they can sit in their chairs and just eat.


Posing in her cat pants! If anyone can pull off cat pants it’s our girls.


Oliver runs a tight ship on my work from home days.  He’s right under the desk to make sure I’m sticking with it!


We have a ton of fun on the trampoline, jumping and playing games. I think Abbi thought we were still playing the “good night” game.


My pretty little freckle face mini-me.


On Saturday morning Brent took the girls to the park so I could watch the Bachelor, I mean work on consignment.  I had my first of 3 sales coming up and had a ton of work to do. Abbi has gotten really self sufficient at the park this summer and it’s nice not having to constantly make sure she isn’t doing something where she could get hurt.


Lilli is ridiculously good at the monkey bars.  She’s got some serious upper body strength from all her activities.  And Abbi wants to do everything big sis does.


Abbi loves taking selfies and trying to match expressions.


She is such a little ham.


That afternoon we headed up to Hendersonville for Lilli’s buddy Amelia’s 7th birthday party.  She was supposed to have a back yard party but it ended up being a rainy day so they moved it to a bowling alley.  It’s been years since we bowled and Lilli had so much fun.  The kids were a mess and didn’t bowl in order, in sets, or do much other than throw balls down the lane, but Lilli did get two spares!  Brent also did great with a guys group and I……had  a good time socializing.


Cake time!!


Kids just love picking up Lilli. Miranda is about a year younger and I think actually smaller.


Lilli with Sebastian in Amelia’s lap and his sister Miranda on the side.  I don’t have a clue who the boy is in the back.  Lilli went to McKendree with Amelia, Sebastian and Miranda and it’s great we’ve stayed in touch and get together every few months for festivals and kept our kids in several summer camps together.  They all go to different schools, but they’ve “old” friends since they were two years old!


The infamous pic that has dubbed Abbi with the nickname “Saucy” from many of our friends!


The only way to shop with two kids! I think they were actually sharing an Ipad in the buggy.


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