Skater Ninjas

From August 20 – 22….

You can bet what Abbi wanted to do as soon as she got him from school….


And Brent had grabbed Lilli an all important set of pads at Academy.  It didn’t take  her long at all to get the hang of roller blading.


This girl is going to drive the wheels off that ATV.


A different day, same toy obsession.


After dinner on Friday night we headed to the path around the library.  It’s pretty flat and a big loop, and also has the bonus of not being crowded.  Lilli skated and Abbi drove.  Skating with Lilli is an exercise in patience because she wants to stop and look at each tree and nut and leaf.  We’re working on momentum.


Skater girls! It’s hard to believe I’d had these same skates since freshman year of college! I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.   I will admit if we all get into skating I’d rather upgrade to a much cuter, more feminine looking pair like Lilli’s! Skates have come a long way in 19 years.


Saturday morning and my new little purple watch and I hit the greenway for 8 miles.  You think running just requires shoes but between a good watch, music/phone, fuel belt and energy shots it’s not so simple.  This new watch is a big upgrade from my old ones – it even has tracking on it where Brent could find me if I went missing.  Very cool.


Abbi has really gotten into playing on the Ipad! She asks for it all the time, but you do have to make sure the internet is turned off or she’ll be deleting, replying and basically wreaking havoc.


We signed Lilli up for a Ninja clinic since we weren’t doing class anymore.  It was a 2 hour class where she got to do a lot of the same things as the class, but not as big a commitment as going every week.  She also got a shirt and a few other little things.


They split into groups and since there were hardly any girls she was in the all girl group.  Her best bud Serif also went, and since they’re the same age we were hoping they would’ve been in it together.  She had a BLAST and did so great at any swinging, leaping type stuff. Her size still holds her back from being able to do some things, so in another year or two we may revisit the weekly class.  For now though, the clinic is a great option.


Having some motivational thoughts from Coach Travis.  Every once in a while Lilli will mention things he’s told them – just this weekend she mentioned a talk he gave them about not giving up and just pushing as hard as you can, even if you just want to drop down in the water.  It’s been a great class and skillset for her.


Since it was a 2 hour class and Abbi loses her mind at the gym Brent stayed him with her.  And apparently started some Ninja training with her as well.


In her Ninja pose.  She’s such a little mess.


After class we headed to the nearby Sonic for some “unpacking” of the class – both kiddos loved it, and for totally different reasons.  They had a lot of fun talking about their favorite and least favorite stations and the overall experience, even if they didn’t get to share it together.

Just another photo for their future wedding slideshow……


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