From Aug 23 – 25….

The morning after Ninja Clinic the first thing she needed to do (in her PJs) was get back to practice and climb the walls. Literally.


And then later that afternoon, more of the same.  She picked “highligher” as her clothing theme for the day.


It was a nice afternoon so we decided to hit the greenway and do some cycling.  The girls have ridden their toys up and down the driveway all summer but we haven’t been good about going out for some distance.  There’s something about fall coming and shorter days that creates a need to get out there and make sure our bucket list is totally crossed off.


Lilli has officially completely moved off her tiny bike to the bike we bought her last year at REI. She’s grown enough that she can put her feet down if she needs to.

And she may look content here, but baby girl HATES being in the trailer and cries most of the time, when she’s not eating a snack.  She wants out so she can ride or walk and be like a big kid.  But she’s just not there.


We ended up doing 4 total miles, we turned around right around the 2 mile out mark when it gets a bit hilly.  Lilli was somewhat slow on the way out but picked up speed on the way back.  Like with skating she’s got to learn how to manage momentum and coasting to help those little legs.  She also gets distracted by turtles, butterflies and unusual mushrooms!


Noodles for dinner!!


They wanted to wear matching PJs one night.


The next morning Lilli just wasn’t quite herself before school.  I thought it might just be allergies, and I told her if she felt bad to tell her teacher to call.  She never did, and when I picked her up in the afternoon she was just hanging out at the desk, which she NEVER does when she can be out playing with her friends.  I took her temp and it was 102! She was just incredibly emotional, tired, and hot.  She’d barely eaten a thing all day.


My 4:45 am treadmill buddy.  He takes whatever attention he can get, even if it is practically in the middle of the night.


Lilli’s fever virus didn’t last long and by the following afternoon she was back to herself.  And luckily none of the rest of us caught it!


Pretty fall nights are for family reading on the deck!


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