Attack of the Killer Wasps

From Aug 30 – Sept 2……

Catching up! At least now I’m up to the same actual month we’re in!

We did another bike ride on the greenway one afternoon.  Abbi still threw a pretty big fit about being trapped in the trailer.  Snacks do help though.


We went further this time and ended up with around 4.25 miles.  We tried working with Lilli on not stop on hills to take a break – and working on pushing through and creating momentum! Abbi worked on seeing how much of her body she could get out of the trailer.


I took Abbi to the grocery store with me and she picked the car buggy.  Clearly riding in this huge monstrosity was not her goal.


Worst day ever!!! I won’t get one of those buggies ever again – they’re such a pain to drive and she won’t stay in once she eats the free Kids cookie.


She’s got some mad jumping skills but she’s probably overshooting for jumping rope.


While I was starting dinner and they were playing outside Lilli came up crying that she’d been stung.  She and Abbi were playing on the porch and jumping in the bushes and Lilli said she heard a buzz and felt a sting on her back.  Right as I headed to take her in, Brent went to look for a nest and Abbi came running, too. She was holding her elbow and had a sting.  We figured out it must be a wasp but never saw a nest.  They must have scared a wasp with their little jumping game or whatever they were doing.  They were both SO upset – Lilli more than Abbi though.  She kept telling us they weren’t trying to bother anyone and they’d never hurt the wasp and her feelings were just as hurt as her back! They were a pitiful little crew.


Abbi’s little elbow. She was spitting mad – she was ready to go find that wasp and just pummel it.


And Lilli’s back.  She declared she was never ever going back outside until Brent found and killed the wasp. A few ice packs and some ibuprofin and they were feeling better by bedtime. Thankfully neither girl had a reaction and Lilli was pretty excited to share her story at school the next day.


From time to time we even give Olli a bath!


Skating the night away!


Having some fun playing in the car (in the driveway).


One of the first things she says every morning to me is “Waffle Time!”.  This kid is obsessed!


The only guns I feel good about are bubble guns.


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