A Cabin in the Woods – Day 3



The family woke up to another waffle breakfast. The cabin came fully stocked with three different types of syrup so the girls enjoyed a little variety.IMG_1979

After breakfast we got ready to head to Tracy City to the Fiery Gizzard trails. It’s considered one of the top 25 hiking trails in the United States and it’s obvious by how crowded the parking lot was. Surprisingly it was mostly filled with cars from around Nashville. We figured our small family would blend right in.IMG_4875

Especially in our matching pink zebra outfits!IMG_2013IMG_2084

At some places the trails were very primitive and even tricky for Rachel and Me. We ended up carrying Abbi through much of the second half of the loop we hiked. IMG_2072IMG_2099

Lilli did great and was really surefooted. There were only a few times that she slipped but we were always nearby to make sure she didn’t tumble down a mountain. The park was full of streams and waterfalls… AND MUSHROOMS. Lilli and I decided to take a picture of every mushroom we came across so we could go home and research them. We haven’t yet but that may be a fun project to do one day…IMG_2066

Below are more pictures on the trails:IMG_2113 IMG_5001 IMG_2132 IMG_2117


Above is an example of why it always takes us so long to walk anywhere. They like to hike but deep down they love to be gymnasts whenever possible.


We headed back to the cabin to put Abbi down for a nap and then Lilli and I headed out to feed a little fish…IMG_2195

And catch a little fish.IMG_2239

After Abbi woke up we decided to hit the open water (pond) but Abbi wasn’t feeling it. I guess she’s “been there, done that”. Plus the boat seems very confining when all she wants to do is run and play.IMG_2263

We ended the night with a campfire and some Smores (and more balance beam activity in the background).

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