Going Greek!

Sept 13th was a beautiful Sunday with just enough chill in the air for the girls to wear super cute light sweaters.


After church we headed to a yearly tradition: The Greek Festival! Every year we meet up with Lilli’s friend, Amelia, and her family to experience the sights and eat the delicious food.IMG_2584

… and to get Lilli’s face painted. She first got her face painted a couple years ago and she gets a little more ornate every year. The first year she got it painted she was still in preschool and we let her wear it to school (to get our full money’s worth). Unfortunately it’s probably frowned upon in 1st grade. IMG_2589

They have a few constants at the festival which the kids are always excited to see. They love the petting zoo. This year it just seemed smaller with less animals. There were still animals to chase…IMG_2600

and ducks to pet.IMG_5366

Abbi was even able to get a little duck lovin’ due to her short arms.IMG_2596

Another fun tradition is the pony rides. I always get to take pictures and Rachel gets to walk around in a circle, holding on to Abbi while dodging pony poop.IMG_2646

And we finished the day with snowcones. Abbi ate all of hers, some of her sister’s and help Rachel finish hers. That girl loves her a good snowcone.IMG_5391

Along with things for the kids there was delicious Greek food and Greek music (with dancing) everywhere. It’s such a blast and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a couple hours of fun.

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