Christmas Gift Ideas

Below are some Christmas gift ideas for the girls:


Abbi likes anything and everything Minnie/Mickey Mouse right now, but especially Minnie Mouse.  We already have about 3 dozen stuffed animals, so she really doesn’t need any of that.

She’d also like any Minnie Mouse clothes or PJs, she wants to wear Minnie every day so she would be excited to get clothes.  She is growing into a size 3, so I’d steer that direction.  For shoes she mostly wears a 6, but some are getting small so I’d buy a 7 for longer wear.

She also like little jewelry, markers, Play Doh, stickers and books.  She really likes playing with baby dolls but we have a ton of that stuff.  There’s really nothing missing from her baby doll collection.  She also really likes little cars.  She loves lining them up and driving them around all over the place.

She likes Frozen stuff, but we don’t really need any of that.  She really just mostly wants what her sister has, and she gets all of her hand me downs so there’s not a lot of things Abbi doesn’t already have.



Lilli is into pretty much anything and everything right now.  She’s moved past all the Disney stuff for the most part, and is tired of Frozen.  She doesn’t wear much princess anything anymore, and really doesn’t spend much time with dress up stuff unless she has a friend over.  She’s moving a lot more into big girl stuff!

On her Christmas list is Shopkins, these tiny little food/houseware items.  They’re all different so you can get a random assortment of them anywhere and they trade and collect them.   She also wants a Lego set, to learn to do magic tricks, science stuff and really anything artsy/craftsy would be up her alley.   She loves to read chapter books now, things like Junie B Jones and Kylie Jean.

She also plays with her American Girl more now.  The clothes and accessories are much cheaper from the “My Generation” line at Target, but below are some links to some of the American Girl things she would probably like that Target doesn’t replicate (like gymnastics things).  She doesn’t have many outfits for her doll, so some things from Target would be good.

She also really like Minecraft, and Apps from Apple so I know she’d enjoy an Apple gift card.

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