Catching it Up….

I’m going to try, try, try to get this blog caught up before the new year, although that seems so very unlikely.  But, I think if I can get briefer, use less pics and be more of a 30K foot view then we can stay more caught up without it becoming such an overwhelming task to maintain and still have something Lilli (and eventually Abbi) enjoy reading back about their earlier years.

From Sept 14-18……yes, September (sigh)

Lilli is such a great reader and writer and she really, really loves reading.  One night she put together a scavenger hunt for us and hid these clues all over the house while we were making and then cleaning up dinner.  One clue led us to the next one.  It was hilarious.











Rollerblading by the greenway next to the library one night after dinner.  I miss being able to skate or play outside after dinner!! Short daylight hours are the worst.


















My fave consignment sale brought the girls home a ton of new clothes for winter, as well as Abbi approved Minnie Mouse house shoes and a stack of new books for Lilli – and a Michael Jackson Wii game for me.  It was another great sale and I found lots of goodies for us, and sold a TON of our own things! I ended the entire season doing really well and not bringing home too many leftover items.


















One exited girlie on a very pretty Friday.


















Love those cute little freckles and straight teeth! She’s very sad she still has them all, but we aren’t.


















Target, Abbi style.


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