Festivals and Zoos…

The catching up blitz continues….

September 19 – 25th….

I kicked my Saturday morning off with a 9 miler.  It was a hot day and I was glad to have hit my goal distance and not be too far off my goal pace (under 10 mins/mile).


After getting cleaned up we went to a fall festival near our house at a church where a lot of college friends attend.  It’s always good to catch up and it’s a fun and small-ish festival where the little kids don’t get run over by older ones.  Abbi – the fearless – loved the giant inflatables.


Every time she’d hit the bottom she’d want to go right back up.  She’s not scared of anything!


Even when she’d fall flat on her face she didn’t mind a bit.  And Lilli was great to stay with her and help her up and over obstacles, even though several of her best school buddies were there.


Looking stylish coming out of church.  Abbi’s dress is a Harujuki Mini I found at a consignment sale.  And Lilli’s is a Paris themed dress that goes great with her tiara.


That afternoon Brent took her on a daddy-daughter date to the zoo.  She LOVES the bird area.


And the new turtle petting area, too.


Messing around before the bus one morning, and looking way too old.


Olli  loves work from home days.  And he really does behave so well when his sisters are gone!


Ice cream for potty training successes!


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