Festivals, Festivals!

Catch up blitz continues….

From Sep 26-29…..

Another Saturday morning, another long run.  10 miles that time!


That Saturday was Abbi’s fall festival.  Her school/church puts on a great one with hay rides, train rides, tons of bouncies and games for the kids.  Abbi really was having a great time…..


Lilli loves the big flippy/jumpy/bungee thing.


It was a really rainy off/on type of day, so they didn’t have the petting zoo or some of the other things this time.  But they had cotton candy and that’s all these girls care about!


A LOT of time was spent sitting around the potty back in September and October.  Sometimes she just wants us ALL in there to cheer her on.


On Sunday night we went to Cheekwood for their special Japanese Harvest Moon Festival.  It was a gorgeous sunset.


They had special festivities, and it was the last time we saw “The Heads” before that exhibit ended.


They had kid crafts, music, Japanese story telling and some tea ceremonies we didn’t get to try because of the crowds.


Part of the festival was to take in the lunar eclipse, but it was too cloudy to get a good view in Nashville that night.


We gave Lilli my really old Iphone 4.  She’d been wanting a phone for a while and ours are just laying around in drawers.  Brent cleaned it off and put a few of her games on there and IMessage.  She can’t make calls but she can “text” others on IMessage and she LOVES it.  Since most everyone we know is on there she can text friends, grandparents, cousins, etc.


She can send some pretty sweet texts! She’s hit or miss on if she’s paying attention to her phone or not, but it’s fun to get pictures from her and she’s now obsessed with Minecraft.  And her rainbow phone case.  It’s also a great way to help her with her spelling, reading and writing skills.


They went out to Target shopping for my birthday.


Clearly the focus was on things I might enjoy for my special day.


Staying on task…….


Sadly, this skeleton wiener dog DID end up as my present from Abbi.  They just know me so well……


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