From October 10 – 14…..

Another Saturday, another long run getting ready for my half marathon.  I was SUPER proud of this 12 miles, coming in right under a 10 minute pace. Still way off my running from back before kids, but you have to start somewhere getting back in shape.


It’s Abbi, so I can’t really explain.  Somebody’s phone, Lilli’s flip flops and the reading glasses we got at a yard sale.  And a sparkly bow.  What else do you need to play outside??


We headed to Oktoberfest for lunch.  It’s always been one of our favorite festivals in Nashville and we’ve been going for years and years pre-kids.  (2011, 2012, and I’m sure other years I can’t find on here)

It was insanely, insanely crowded.  As in miserable.  All the lines were long and there was no space – the scary kind of crowds when you have little kids.  Somehow I did manage to run into a coworker of mine from several years ago!


We grabbed some German food and found a spot of sidewalk behind the food trucks and the Wrays met us there.  The girls took turns feeding Molly.  Babies feeding babies….


Poor Molly doesn’t get a bit of attention.  I think Abbi just enjoys being on the bigger side of the picking now.


Ella and Lilli.  Big sisters plotting little sister tactics…….Such pretty girls!! They have the best time when we manage to get together.


The place was so crowded, hot and just out of control we let them hang out on the sidewalk instead of even trying to make it through to the Kids Zone or the other bake/music areas.  And they didn’t mind.


A gorgeous fall afternoon for the park.


Sunset silhouettes.


Matching pumpkin dresses after church.  And Abbi’s phone is my very popular purple calculator.


Sisters calling sisters.


Sunday selfies.  This picture just really reminds me I always need a tan and I probably should have kept my hair longer this winter!! Oh well, it’ll grow back!



And Brent and his coworker and long time buddy Michael were the grand champions of this year’s Cornhole prize at work.  They beat out the rest of the teams and got a fun movie prize pack.


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