Boo at the Zoo

From October 18 – 23….

I got these little ghost dresses at H&M this year and they may be my most favorite thing ever.  It’s hard to see, but the cheeks are rosy and it’s a cute little ghost face.


They were a big hit at church that morning.  Abbi’s pink Adidas weren’t what I had in mind, but sometimes you just go with what doesn’t end up in a fit on the floor.


Sweet sisters. They should be able to wear these dresses at least one more year, maybe two more, so it’s a big H&M win!


Since Lilli wanted to be Princess Peach I also bought Abbi a Luigi costume.  This is the one and only time she wore most of it (just missing the mustache.)


That night we bought tickets and met the Godbys at the Boo at the Zoo event.  We’d never been before but had heard great things about it.  They have a nice trick or treat trail as well as all kinds of fun stuff for the kiddos.


It was pretty chilly so jackets covered costumes early on, but Abbi quickly realized this was her dream excursion – candy everywhere!! And notice her little car in her pocket – she’s usually got a car with her everywhere we go.


Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.


The girls in one of the photo op spots.


Lilli and Serif.


My favorite of the night, wearing some glasses they got at a game booth.


On the hayride.


They had a great (and long!) hayride through a back part of the zoo full of lights and special effects.  The whole Boo at the Zoo experience was really fantastic and I’d highly recommend it.  Besides your tickets everything else (but food) is free and the night we went was chilly but really not that crowded.  Going on a Sunday night was a big advantage compared to other friends who went on Fri or Saturday and talked about the crowds.


One of Lilli’s school papers – things she loves – for the harder ones to translate she has things like nature, Camp Widgi, Mario, The biggest Mall Ever and her trampoline.


And what happens when Abbi get ahold of your phone.  Bad things.


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