Fall Break 2015

From October 15-17th….

I went to Lilli’s Fall Party – her class is a lot bigger than this, several of the kids had already left.  I think there’s around 21 kids in her room this year.  I’m not a room mom this year which is SO nice – I don’t mind helping but organizing takes a lot of time I just don’t have!


Fall Break traditions – Sonic to kick off the time off!


Instead of going anywhere this year we decided to have a little mini “staycation” and let Lilli pick some things to do around town. She wanted to go to the Mall that night and do some shopping.  The American Girl store is always a huge hit.


And so is the Halloween pop up store.


I am glad Abbi has no fear of the “scary” stuff.


Friday morning we went to Adventure Science.  We haven’t been there as much the last fun months and the was the only time we saw the Shark exhibit (which was just ok.)


The lightweight can’t budge it at all!


A pretty afternoon at the park flipping around


We also made it to one of their late Friday nights at Cheekwood and checked out the scarecrows and fall activities.


Another Saturday, and an 11 miler for that day.


We hung out at the library…..


And snagged some books from their big book sale.  It’s huge and full of classics and all goes for a great cause.  We all picked up several things we liked and the girls stayed out of the way!


Lilli and I went to Party City for costumes for this year.  She wanted to be Princess Peach from Super Mario.


Since we never make it to Opry Mills we decided that would be a fun staycation thing.  We had dinner at Rainforest Cafe, Abbi’s first time there. We were near the elephants and ride beside a fish tank.  She LOVED it.


This was also during her “Car phone” phase – where she repeatedly used one of her cars as a phone. This girls LOVES her cars.


In the gift shop, loving on some snakes we didn’t buy.


And in the Disney store, with a Mickey and Minnie we did buy because this girl is just too cute.


And in Kate Spade, making me proud.  Where I did buy myself a gorgeous new bag.


Jewelry shopping at Kate Spade – also knows as raising them right!


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