From October 24 – 27…..

This was a really busy Saturday – I got up and got a quick 6 miles in as my last long run before my half marathon the following week.  6 miles felt like a breeze after all the running in the months leading up to it.

And I miss my tan!!


First up – Abbi was invited to a birthday party at Monkey’s Treehouse for her buddy Jackson.  They went to our “old” daycare together and when we started at the new one he was there! They’ve moved again so he’s left, but he’s one of Abbi’s “oldest” friends.  Also, this was the first time I’ve ever seen a donut cake! (His party was at 9 am!)


Both girls had a blast playing with all the stuff.


Singing to the birthday boy.


And what Abbi thought of leaving when the party was over.  Temper and tantrum.  The sign of a good party!


That afternoon Lilli and I had tickets to meet Audrey and Wendy at TPAC for the Broadway showing of the Cinderella musical.  The girls decided to wear full on princess gear.  This dress cracks me up – she got it 3 years ago and can still wear it – although it’s a LOT shorter!


Pretty princess.


We had some time to kill before the show!


Scary faces.


The girls striking their best princess poses.


And we asked the ladies behind us to take our picture.  And they took 1. That was totally blurry.  What a mess!


Posing after the show.  It was so great – the storyline was a little different than Disney but the songs and dancing were wonderful and the girls loved it.


Afterwards we walked downtown to Spaghetti Factory for dinner – we decided fancy princesses needed a fancy meal.


With our crazy waiter who had fun picking at them all night.


The girls got all kinds of comments skipping up and down 2nd Avenue.


Lilli out on a fall walk the following afternoon.


The leaves were gorgeous as they fell this year.


Animal photography.


Hanging with baby sis.


Brent celebrated his 15th anniversary at Ingram with a big bowl of whipped stuff.


And we had a Chuck E Cheese night.  Abbi recognizes it well now and will ask by name to go there, or if we drive by ask about it.


I think Lilli had never gone up in the climby thing until this night – when Abbi climbed up and ran all around and never wanted to come back out.  She’s one fearless little thing.


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