Harvest Half Marathon

Finishing the year, finishing October!

From Oct 28 – 31….

Lilli had her annual Fire Safety day at school.  They bring in some kind of trailer that gets filled with fake smoke and they practice getting out safely.  And they bring home hats, coloring books and safety stuff.  She was sweet and even asked for a coloring book for baby sis.


Olli is such a good dog AFTER his wild sisters go to bed.


Around this time Abbi got into the practice of heading into Lilli’s room in the middle of the night.  Most every morning we’d find her in bed with Lilli, sound asleep.


Lilli had a homework project during their unit on maps where she had to draw a map of her bedroom with a scale and legend.  It turned out really cute.


The messy weather had rained out our church’s Trunk or Treat so Brent took the girls to one near us on Friday night.  Lilli decided to be a witch for this one.


Playing games and getting candy.


On Halloween morning it was finally time for the half marathon I’d been training for.  This was my first half distance run since Lilli was born, and my first race since Abbi was born.  Brent made the girls some cute shirts to wear.


Getting excited before the race! Temps were perfect, overcast skies and nice and mild without being too cold.


My Garmin messed up and Brent couldn’t track me, but the course was just an out and back on the same Greenway I always run on, so it wasn’t too hard to find me.  This was a small race of just a couple hundred runners, so no huge crowds or big fuss.  I was really glad to see my little cheerleaders and get a boost of energy!


It started raining during my final mile, which was just the push I needed to finish this thing up.  While it was great running conditions it wasn’t the best for spectators!


The race photographer caught this one of my girlies congratulating me on a job well done.


My newest, and hardest earned, medal.  All the 4:45 am workouts, and 6 am alarm clock on Saturday mornings – the only day I could sleep in – were all worth it! This was a lot easier to do before kids when my time was my own, but I’m glad I set a goal and stuck to it, even when I wanted to quit and just hit snooze.  Along the way I went gluten free and in total lost about 12-15 pounds, and got back to a pre-Lilli weight.


My final time! I wanted to come in under 2:15 and under a 10 minute pace and I accomplished my goal.  I was really happy with my time and pace.  My next goal is to get back under 2 hours.


This race was put on by the Y, and afterwards was their Fall Festival.  The girls loved the big slides…


More inflatables….


And more inflatables…..


They had pizza, popcorn and all kinds of goodies.  We stayed for a little while but it was chilly and I was ready to get out of my stinky clothes.  Lilli wanted to make some Halloween cookies so we spent the afternoon doing that.


And then on Halloween night it was raining.  The weather people made it sound like it was going to be a messy night so we started trick or treating before dark so we could see better.  It ended up slacking off later on, but we were glad for the earlier start.  Lilli went as Princess Peach and Abbi went back to her Minnie Mouse costume.


And getting candy from our sweet neighbor.  There were a total of 4 trick or treaters on our street all night, so needless to say since we represented 50% of that the girls got a TON of candy!! People were very excited to see them and pretty much emptied their bowls in our baskets – a big difference from East Nashville where we were 1 of hundreds of kids on Halloween night.


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