Birthday Boy

From November 1 – 5….

Lilli’s main squeeze, Serif, turned 7 right before Halloween and his party right after.  Lilli wanted to be a zombie Belle, totally fitting for a boy party.

When we picked her up from the festivities we all went to eat at Local Taco.

Lilli loves her some Serif.  They’re pretty cute together.


And Abbi loves her some dancing.


Possibly the best pic of the 4 of them we’ve ever taken!


I think this one better shows their personalities, though!


It was Book Fair week at school!! Lilli labored and labored over which ones to buy – and this classic came home with her, and probably most every elementary school girl this year.


Snuggli is still alive and well, and when she is out of her cage and left to fend for herself with Abbi you can clearly see she’d rather be right back in there.


And Abbi’s real best friend – often proclaimed by her – puppy Olli.  Those two are a mess together.


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