Fall Randoms

From November 16 – 20….

Snug as a bedbug, squared.  Abbi can be found sleeping in the most unusual spots in her sister’s bed!


Our bus stop entertainment is always ourselves….


Doing her Gospel of John reading plan.  You don’t realize how difficult some of the words/thoughts are until an almost 7 year old is trying to read them!


Sleepy sisters.


Abbi had her school’s Thanksgiving potluck so Brent went and had multiple types of mac n cheese…..


while I was hard at work in my office floor making Crockpot Tacos for my department’s Mexican-themed Thanksgiving potluck on the same day.


Lilli’s writing is one of my favorite things – inside her brain is an interesting, interesting place.  She’s written dozens of stories about our summer vacation, making our 2,700 mile trek worth it all.  She loves the Mall of America so much (and really not the shopping but the amusement park and rides.) And somehow my minivan looks like a turtle on wheels.


Play time with Olli.


Rest time with Lilli and Olli.  This girl loves her some jammies and a robe this winter.


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