Goodbyes and Birthdays

From November 12 – 15….

Brent’s Granny passed away at 101 years old.


The kids had  good time running around and playing with each other afterwards.


Friday was the only day of school Lilli went to that week, between being sick, in-service day and the funeral.  She wanted Friday night to be PJs and Robes and Movies and I was fine with that!


A pretty Saturday morning for doing yard work and running around.


I finally got my hair done! Nothing feels better than a fresh cut and color, short and sassy for the winter.


That evening was little Molly’s first birthday party at Adam and Julia’s.  It seems like grabbing onto your baby sis was the theme of this pic.


Molly was super excited about her cake.


The center of attention!


I’d say Ella and Lilli were having a great time!! This was how they hid to keep us from leaving….but I think we found them.


And a group kiddo pic before we left.  Of course Abbi had already taken her shirt off by this point and the birthday girl had passed out in front of the TV.  And the lone boy here – that’s Levi, who not so long ago was this little baby!


On our way home we got to see the downtown Korean Vets bridge, lit up in support for the attacks on France.


The next afternoon Lilli went to the doc – the poor thing just couldn’t shake her cough/cold so we got her some antibiotics to help her knock it out.


Going through some of her school work for the week – the sentence “I need my space” goes with a picture of her and her sister.  HA!


Sleepy pup.


Sleepy toddler.


You always feel good enough for shoe shopping!


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