Olli turns ONE!

From Nov 21-25…..

Another day, another typical Abbi scene…..


Two girls, one bucket.


A slow run for me, getting used to the chillier temps and getting some training miles back in post-race.  If you don’t keep training you for sure lose what you worked so hard for!


Breakfast scene.  Princesses and pups.


Pretty little freckle face.


I don’t remember what I was making but it seems like it was a hit!


After church we went out for lunch with friends on campus at Lipscomb. Abbi was happy to be running free, and that was the first time we took her out without a pull-up on.  She’d been doing well at school and home and it was time to take the plunge.


And that day Olli turned one – on November 21st.  We made him the same dog-friendly cake we always made Pippin.  He wasn’t sure what to do at first but once he tried it he LOVED it! Honey – carrots – peanut butter – what isn’t to love???


Hugs for their pup, who is so dark he’s nearly impossible to photograph!


Presents for Olli.  I love these matching shirts – they’ve been able to wear them over a year and they still have some grow in them!


Of course she had to try it…(And it’s not bad….)


How we entertain ourselves on the potty……..


Every day “Olli is my BEEEEST Friend”.  As she squeezes the life out of him.  And he’s never bitten her once – even though he really, really should! He’s still wild, chews a lot of their toys, and can’t be trusted alone outside his cage, BUT he’s good with the kids even when he shouldn’t be.  With more age he’ll keep calming down and will one day earn his freedom to lounge around when we’re gone.


Raising da roof.


For some crazy reason, Lilli’s school system gets two days for fall break (everyone else gets a week!) and the whole week of Thanksgiving off (when most others get 1-2 days!) She went to her school after-care program on Mon and Tues and then on Wed I worked from home and invited her buddy Kelly over to play.  Since they’re not in the same gymnastics class or even the same night anymore, I don’t think we’d seen her since our summer pool days!! So it had been way, way too long! The two of them played together pretty much all day long and had the BEST time! I was able to get a ton of work done and rarely even saw them.  They watched movies, played dress up and jumped on the trampoline.  The Descendants is the big Disney TV movie right now, so they were playing “Mal” and putting a spell on me.  This is a great age for playdates where you don’t have to constantly be watching them AND you get a ton of your own things done while they’re having a great day.  So fun!!


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