Thanksgiving 2015

From November 26 – 28……

Thanksgiving morning we got our brined bird ready for the oven.  This year I tried a new brine, the Pioneer Woman’s brine, and it really was our best bird ever.

I think it was a 13 pounder.


Bird management.


The finished bird.  I think it was around a 5-5.5 hour cooking time for it.  It was by far the most moist, flavorful bird I’ve ever made.  That recipe is for sure a keeper.


Everyone ready to eat!


All the yummy food, and crock pots galore on the countertop behind us.


The project for the pretty afternoon was getting rid of this tree near our driveway.  It’s an annoying thing that’s constantly shedding limbs everywhere and also allows way too many animals on our roof.


After several hours of strapping, cutting and pulling it was gone and really opens up this area next to the house.


Later that afternoon it was time for the traditional free grandparent babysitting so we could head out shopping.


Bruce took up his normal spot at Opry Mills – a random chair, while the rest of us did some shopping and got several good deals at Kate Spade (only store with a line to get in!), Disney, Bath and Body and all kinds of other places where we knocked some things off our list.


Where Bruce starts most every morning.


Lunch time! We had some good crock pot taco soup for lunch.  Quick, easy and healthy.


Olli made some new friends.


And that evening we made reservations for Suzy, Kacey, Lilli and myself to have dinner at American Girl Bistro.  Cincy doesn’t have an American Girl store so this was Kacey’s first chance to visit one.


Lilli’s already eaten there with us, but it was fun for her a second time and dining with your dolls is always a blast.  We shopped there for hours and even let the girls take their dolls to the “hair salon” there for some fresh new hair dos.  They had a blast and it was fun to let them get to do something special on our Thanksgiving visit since normally they just romp around the house.


Meanwhile the guys played Rook.


Everyone loaded up VERY early Saturday and headed back to their houses.  That afternoon Lilli and I met Kelly, her little sis and her mom and grandma at the Nashville Children’s Theater for Charlotte’s Web.  Somehow we had yet to see a play there, which is just crazy since we enjoy all the fun kid stuff in town and she’s been to several Broadway shows at TPAC already! Charlotte’s Web was my favorite book growing up and I was so excited to see the play and hear the story again.


They have  a fun book for the kids in the playbill so the girls did some activities while we waited for the show.  She may be almost 7 but she can still fold up in a theater chair!


The play was so, so wonderful and afterwards I had to find my old copy of my book from when I was a girl.  It’s such a sweet story and both girls loved the play.


And the ride home – such a mess!! It had poured all day, and on the way home we got stuck behind a bad wreck at our exit.


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