Getting Ready for Christmas!

From November 29 – Dec 4…..

Christmas Season!

As soon as the guests were cleared out from Thanksgiving it was time to get decorated for Christmas.  Lilli loves having a big tree in her room, and picking through my hundreds of Hallmark ornaments for the ones she wants on her tree, along with her special ones she’s selected over the years.  She’ll definitely have a lot to take with her one day when she’s on her own!


Silly girls….


Just a small tree for Abbi’s room because……Abbi.


I love to decorate the bathrooms and pretty much the whole place.  I went with silver and blue in their bathroom last year and kept it again for this year.


When you’re busy decorating and the kids are too quiet, you typically find them with a brand new roll of wrapping paper, scissors and tape, wrapping your couch pillows.


And our elf Flower returned.  The girls left her a ton of notes and little gifts all season long.


It’s hard to beat a room all decorated for the holidays.


Flower brings little gifts every few days during the season – little things like holiday books, candy and this year – a few Shopkins.  That was a huge hit for both girls.


And one day Lilli briefly lost Flower’s hat and was beside herself.


Traffic was a nightmare this week – constant rain.  It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get home this day!!!! It was such a mess.


Even Olli enjoys relaxing by the light of the tree.


Our Elf doesn’t make too much of a mess, but occasionally we figure out something fun for her to do.  Most of the time she’s just hanging around.


Relaxing and reading.


Abbi always has her mitts on my cup! This girl does love her some coffee.


Instead of Batman she should be wearing Spidergirl! She loves to climb and practice her ninja moves.  And she’s definitely got skills – and soft pillows to land on.




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