Birthday Ideas

Here’s a few birthday ideas for the girls:

Abbi – doesn’t really need anything.  She loves anything Minnie Mouse, and is always wanting to wear Minnie clothes but we don’t have that many outfits.  She’s a size 3T.

She loves Shopkins like her sister – something like this.

She’s also a HUGE Llama Llama fan and while we have a lot of the books we don’t have: this one,  this one, or this one.

She also likes Hot Wheels and cars in general, that’s usually what she plays with the most.  She has pretty much all she could ever need for her baby dolls.

Lilli – Lilli is in love with Shopkins right now – here’s a few ideas for her: this, this, this, this, this, or this.  Any of those would make her very happy.  She and her friends play and trade with those little things all the time!

We’re getting her a Kindle for her birthday, so any Amazon or Itunes gift cards for apps on her Kindle or her phone would also be something she likes.

She’s really not into Disney stuff anymore (she’s told old for it, she says).  But she does like Minecraft a lot, so any Minecraft figures are a good choice.

She likes gift cards in general – Sonic, McDs, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Noodles are her favorite places to go.  She thinks it’s like money and when she does get gift cards she has fun ‘paying’ for it.

She does a lot of reading but I’ve subscribed to a new App on my Ipad called Epic where she can get all the books she likes for a small fee each month and she is doing all her reading on the Ipad now, mostly.  She does still like books and magazines though – generally larger chapter books.  She also likes all kinds of coloring and fun art projects.

That should do it for them!

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