Polar Express and Nutcracker

From Dec 6 – 12….

Another one of Lilli’s stories.  It’s so fun to get inside her head through her writing.  She works it hard asking for a chinchilla.


I took her shopping so she could pick out gifts for all her family and teachers and she wanted me to get this for her teacher.  We went with something a little less revealing.


We went to the annual Brentwood Tree Lighting and reading of the Polar Express.  (Links to 2014 and 2013.) This year our Polar Express (free) tickets were for after the lighting, so we listened to the Ravenwood Chorus and our mayor say a few words and then….


the big tree outside the library was lit.


The same guy was dressed as the Conductor this year and read the Polar Express and another story.  The kids were SO wild (not ours), I’ve never heard them just chatter away so much!! The girls got their little bells, and it was a fun holiday tradition for us again.


Lilli got another gymnastics medal.  She loves gymnastics a lot and is really good at it.  Her favorite apparatus is the bars and it’s fun to watch her flip around on those things.  This is probably her 5th or 6th medal, they get them twice a year.


Abbi’s love of wearing blue jeans (even to sleep in sometimes…) is so she can sneak Shopkins and cars in her pockets all the time.


One night Lilli said we hadn’t “made the Christmas jello yet”, so we did.  I had no clue we have ever made Christmas jello, but I didn’t want to ruin her holiday!


Doing some reading with Olli.


Our elf brought some “make your own snow”, since that’s about as close as we’ve gotten this year.  It was pretty fun, but nothing at all like real snow!


What it’s like going to the bathroom with Abbi in the house….


Brent won free tickets to the Nutcracker ballet at work.  He just got two tickets, so we decided Lilli would really enjoy having a date and going to see it.  Of course she also loves visiting her absolutely favorite downtown statue.  And in the background is an old neighbor from East Nashville that they ran into! Such a small world.


They had awesome seats! And she loved the show.


Afterwards they grabbed some dinner at Puckett’s while Abbi and I feasted on frozen pizza.


And the highlight – some kind of crazy big dessert with bacon on top.  I think she was impressed and glad she got chosen to go on this fun date!


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