Santa Time!

From December 5

On the 5th it was time for our annual trip to the Library to see Santa.  With Lilli we’ve done nice ones at Bass Pro, neighborhood ones and everything in-between.  The Santa at the library isn’t exactly good looking, at all, but he’s free, the line is quick and the mission gets accomplished.  Neither one of our girls get all that excited about seeing him, so it meets all our needs. (Santa Visits – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Abbi knew about Santa this year, but still didn’t fully grasp what the big deal was.  She wasn’t wanting to sit with him, so there were no smiles but she didn’t cry either.  She knew she’d get a lollipop out of it, so her main goal was cooperating enough to get that treat.

Lilli told him she wanted Shopkins and a Real Cotton Candy Maker, and since Abbi wouldn’t talk to him Lilli said she wanted Minnie Mouse stuff.


We had time before our magic show tickets to do the other activities around the library – Santa letter stations, cookies and juice, guessing games and our fave…


Face Painting!


Abbi wanted in on it this time so she stepped right up, but afterwards just could never leave it alone enough to not rub it all over the place.


And then a fave we look forward to all year – the magic show! Both girls love it, and it’s such a fun (and free!) thing for our library to host.  It’s so much fun for kids and adults – Lilli saw a ton of her classmates and we even saw some of Abbi’s!


It was time for our inflatables to come back out for the season! The girls were so happy.


We bought tickets for the brand new Cheekwood Lights they hosted this year and went with Lilli’s best boy, Serif, and his family.  It was a chilly night, but really not at all bad.  They had put lights all over the grounds and had some fun Smore and drink stations.  It really was pretty, but it wasn’t included in membership and a lot of things were extra $$. I’m glad we went, but I’m not entirely sure we’d do it again for the $40 I think I remember it costing us.  We did run into Lilli’s first grade teacher on our way out, and she was really excited about that!


Of course Lilli and Serif had a blast playing together.  She always loves hanging out with her main dude! (They’re in front of the live reindeer.)


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