December Randoms

From December 13-17….

Mild afternoons call for Super feats of strength at the park…


The never ending battle against lice began.  Our first experience with these buggers and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


We found one of Lilli’s old leotards from gymnastics and someone got so excited about it for days she wore it around the clock.  Literally.


Dozens and dozens of cookies, breads, and peppermint puppy chow rolled out of the kitchen to teachers, coworkers and friends.


Lilli had her last gymnastics class of the year.  They had a little party at the end of class where they had a “Dirty Santa” silly sock exchange.  That was the first time I’d ever had to explain the concept of that sort of game to Lilli, who for sure didn’t understand taking things from others.  And, during class I found out she was getting promoted up to Level 2 since she’d accomplished all the Level 1 skills! So now (starting in Jan) she goes once a week for a 2 hour class – and her coach was able to get Abbi in a class during some of that time period (Abbi’s class is just an hour).


Abbi’s class had their holiday party and her sweet teacher, Mrs Maud, have her this tiny baby with the carrier.  She LOVES it.


Lilli and Brent went Christmas shopping for me.


While Abbi and I had fun playing doll-house.


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