Christmas Parties and Programs

December 18 began the season of Christmas parties and programs.

Lilli had her little Christmas Party around lunch and I (Brent) was happy to take the day off of work so that I could attend. They had a fun lunch of Pizza and then settled in to making little holiday crafts!IMG_6832They made little foam gingerbread houses (which are less messy than regular gingerbread houses) and they decorated some sugar cookies. Lilli’s first grade class can plow through a lot of sprinkles!

Here is a picture of Lilli and her BFF Reese. Over the past couple months they gone through several Best Friends necklaces. One side always ends up getting broken or lost so they have to buy whole new sets.IMG_6837For their activity they Pinned the Nose on the Snowman. Of course if there is any downtime the kids are going to find a way to entertain themselves. IMG_6838After the party we ate a little dinner and prepared for Abbi’s big performance debut. We practiced singing “Jesus” while clapping (which is quite hard to do simultaneously, for a 2 year old).

When the show began Abbi took the stage like a star. She sang (sorta), clapped (definitely), and rocked back and forth to the music. There wasn’t a bit of fear in her little body. She was born to perform. IMG_9055After all the daycare groups went they all took the stage for their big show stopping finale. Again, Abbi was the star.IMG_6892Rachel put together a nice little side-by-side showing the girl’s personalities. On the left is Lilli’s last daycare performance (she was 5) and this year’s performance by Abbi. Lilli isn’t a big fan of being the center of attention but we may think Abbi will be different. It’s funny because when Lilli has put forth effort she really does a great job in plays, etc. She would just rather WATCH the show instead of being in it.IMG_9094A little after show photoshot (yes, Lilli still has her hat on from the school party).IMG_9095In our house… EVERYBODY has to be checked for lice…IMG_6902



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