Twas the Day Before Christmas (and it was 70 degrees outside)

So we spent Dec 24th outside. It was much too pretty to spend the day inside so we headed to Edwin Warner park on the west side of Nashville. IMG_7143

It’s a beautiful, hilly park full of trees and paths and the kids love it.


It has streams that Abbi wants to fall into…



and bridges to pose one. We’ve been coming to this park a long time and it’s nice to see our daughters enjoying the park as much as we do.


One thing we didn’t notice BEFORE we had kids was one loop that contains a spread from a book every twenty or so feet. The pages are laminated and changed out seasonally with a relevant story. Lilli loves that she’s big enough to read the story as we slowly creep along the pathway.



Later in the day we started on a holiday tradition, Homemade Cookies for Santa! Abbi was really into the rolling and cutting and decorating parts (as compared to previous years).


Lilli was as excited as always to make cookies! (You can see she’s already consumed enough red sprinkles to give her rosy lips and fingers).


No matter how excited Abbi is to rollout, cut and decorate the cookies, that excitement doesn’t begin to compare to her excitement when it’s time to EAT the cookies.


Over the next couple years it’s going to be harder and harder for Santa to get a cookie at the Spears house.

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