Christmas Eve, part 2

From Christmas Eve, continued…..

The girls were so wound up about Christmas Eve that I knew it would be hard for them to get to sleep.  Santa’s elves had a lot of work to do, but about an hour and a half after the girls were in bed Lilli popped back into the exercise room to say that Abbi was still awake and had come in here room.  Brent and I were….helping Santa assemble a play kitchen and were VERY surprised to see her come into the room! We knew Santa would be upset if she saw him so I leapt up from the floor and banged my knee pretty hard on the ground shutting the doors and getting Lilli out into the hall.  She wanted to know what we were doing and we had to admit Santa was in the house and she needed to get back in bed asap.  Close call!!


She did leave Santa a pretty sweet note.  She knew she wanted a Shopkins and cotton candy maker, but told him to bring Abbi a surprise.













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