Girl Time

Last post for today….

From Dec 28-29…..

Lilli and I had a “big girls day”.  Brent had to work and we dropped Abbi off at daycare and Lilli got to pick our day together.  She wanted to go to the movies so we saw The Good Dinosaur.  I probably took a nap during it (kinda common for me and some of these kid cartoons) because I just don’t remember a ton about it.


For lunch – you guessed it – Mcdonalds Happy Meal for more Shopkins.


My grocery assistant extraordinaire.  Ironically pictured – the last case of soda I ever bought.  For New Years I swore it off and haven’t had one since.  We still have some of those cans of Cherry Dr P.  At this point it’s been over six months so it’s just not a big deal to me anymore.


Then she wanted to do some of the Science tricks she got for Christmas – so we made things explode, boil over, change color and just had fun with science.


The next day she and I hung out again – we relaxed at home and then went out to get her a new pet hermit crab (and one for Abbi, too) as a reward for such good grades the first semester.


It did not take Abbi long to start harassing the hermit crabs – and dump the entire terrarium over.


Relaxing by the lights of the Christmas tree……


That evening we had Lilli’s friend Kelly over for a sleepover.  These girls were so excited.  And of course, for dinner Lilli wanted to treat her to – McDonalds Happy Meals so Kelly could get some Shopkins.  Their selfies are the cutest thing ever.  Lilli as Jasmine, Kelly as Mal.


Cotton candy before bed? Sure thing!


Tucked into their sleeping bags and ready for a good night’s rest.  The best thing about this age is I sat downstairs reading to make sure they didn’t get wild – and their chatter died out before 11 pm and they were sound asleep until morning.


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