Mild Winter Days

From December 27….

Mild winters are my favorite.  Our Christmas season this year had the best weather for being able to get outside and walk around the neighborhood and parks.  We took a PJ walk up the street and the horses were in their pasture and actually came right up to the fence and let us give them a brief petting.


It was so wonderful and warm – we changed clothes to play basketball in the driveway – sporty Lilli outfits are my favorite.


These two wild girls – I’m already nervous about when Abbi is a real driver…..


This is the season when McDonalds Happy meals started having Shopkins in them.  So we had way too many Happy Meals…..but those smiling faces!!


I got the ring that I really wanted – which was marked Rare on the guide list – and I let Lilli have it and she promptly traded it off to her best friend.  Um, no.


Book shopping at Barnes and Noble – always makes us happy!


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