Ringing in the New Year….

From Dec 30 – 31….

The girls slept great and I didn’t even know they were up the next morning when I woke up.  They had the best time playing together, playing dress up and it was even nice enough to go outside and jump on the trampoline for a bit.  I took Abbi to daycare so the girls could play without baby sis in the way.


More dress up and a pizza picnic before it was time for Kelly to go home.


Sleepover aftermath.


Brent battled a rough cold/infection most of December and well into January.  He and half of Brentwood was getting one last deductible in on New Year’s Eve.


This picture cracks me up because I can’t remember a time Olli was allowed in the bonus room.  He chews all their toys so much that we usually have him locked out – so I can’t remember ever snuggling with him like this!


Finishing up her new Scooby Lego from Christmas.


We got the New Year’s Eve party started with my box of horns, hats and noise makers from the attic.  It’s always a hit with the girls.


Two wild party animals.


We put Abbi to bed around regular time and let Lilli stay up late eating popcorn, drinking sparkling grape juice and we watched one of the original Star Wars movies.


And about ten minutes before midnight….she just couldn’t make it.  But we were nice and woke her up briefly to ring in the new year….welcome to 2016!


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