Welcome to 2016!

From January 1-2…

Welcome to 2016! Better late than never, right???

Lilli did a lot of story writing in 1st grade – and she’d leave us little post it note stories around the house.  I particularly enjoyed “How Abbi Grew” from my stomach to me being cut open on a table to a crawling Abbi that looks a lot like a dog, to a larger toddler and then curly headed Abbi.


For our 17th wedding anniversary we took the girls to Shogun for their first Hibachi experience.  Abbi was a little nervous of the fire but overall really enjoyed it.  Both girls liked the food (minus the salad.)


Our hibachi chef.


27 degree Saturday morning – time for a run!


Cold weather running – so much gear just to knock out a few miles!


Later that day we had Lilli’s BFF Reese come over for a playdate.  These two are great buddies and were so excited to see each other over Christmas break.  Of course they played Shopkins and did a lot of dressing up – Wonder Woman and Jasmine for this photo.


And of course for lunch Lilli wanted to treat her friend to a McDonalds picnic for more….Shopkins Happy Meal toys!


Just as Reese was leaving Grandma and Grandpa stopped by with presents from the cousins – including more…. Shopkins! It was a very Shopkins Christmas, indeed!


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