Abbi is 3!

From January 18…..

The birthday fairy came while the girls slept and decorated the house in Minnie Mouse streamers and balloons.  They were so excited to see all the fun decorations.  And, it’s so cute to see Abbi wearing the Tinkerbelle hoodie that Serif gave Lilli for her 4th birthday – the girls fight over who gets to wear it these days.


The Birthday fairy also blows up balloons in their room and scatters them around…..


The big three year old!


We kept the presents this year pretty small – these kids have way too many toys, most of which they never even play with.  So we got her some Minnie books, clothes and a few little Shopkins.


Also, we knew the grandparents would be bringing plenty of stuff.  We’ve been celebrating their joint birthdays on Martin Luther King Day since it’s a work holiday and a day off school for the girls.


Tearing into their presents – look at all that excitement!


And candy.  What else do you need? Kisses keep them happy.


Abbi picked a Sesame street cake out the night before – partly for the airplane on the cake to add to her vehicle collection.


Lilli got a Star Wars cupcake since it wasn’t her actual birthday.


And before the grandparents left to head home you just have to have a game of Don’t Wake Daddy.  Such a fun game to play!


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