Skating the Day Away

From January 15-17….

When you just want to curl up and sleep in the dirty laundry stack……


Lilli had ANOTHER roller skating birthday party to attend.  So yes, that was two in one week.  Apparently 7 year olds love to roller skate! This was for her school buddy, Katelyn.  They haven’t been in the same class, but know each other from the after care program and did some camps together last summer and this summer.


This time she did the rental skates instead of bringing her own roller blades, and Brent got to go and skate with her.  They also have an arcade and the girls love the games and Skee-ball.


Roller skating really is so much fun.  I can’t wait until Abbi enjoys it and we can go as a family and skate the day away.  I think when I went with her I ended up skating 3 miles! Great music, great exercise – what else do you need?


Lilli and Emerson.  They were in kindergarten together but still play on the playground and we run into them at stuff all over Brentwood.


Lilli, birthday girl Katelyn, another Lily, and Livvy. Lily is a grade older than the girls, but the rest of them are the same grade as Lilli.  And twice the size. #peanut


Lilli had originally said she didn’t want a party this year – we’d offered to go on a short weekend trip instead.  Then, after 2 skate parties in the same week, she decided roller skating was a requirement to turn 7.  So some last minute party store shopping had to happen.


Someone was super confused how Olli got out of our house and onto a gift bag at Walmart. So cute.  (the bag and the kid.)


And the night before Abigail turned three we returned to tradition – her birthday eve dinner is always Italian.  We ate at Noodles, which isn’t fancy, but the girls love it and it’s pasta.


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