Snow Day

From January 19- 21…

Lilli’s class had their first field trip of the year – to the Nashville Children’s Theater.  Her teacher said it was the easiest field trip to chaperone – we just met them there (which is close to my office), sat with them, and then left.  It really was that simple! They saw the Cinderella play and it was super cute (and the theater was totally full by the time all the various schools got there.)  Lilli and her best bud Reese had a blast.


And then….our first snow day.  If you can even really call this snow?


It was more than enough for her to get pretty excited though!


When you’re 7 it doesn’t take a lot of the white stuff for you to need to cross off your full bucket list of snow activities.


We played for a while out in it first thing in our PJs, and then I worked from home while she Netflix binged all day.


And then later around lunch time we properly suited up to “play” in it.  Which was mostly knocking ice off of things.



Abbi’s daycare was open that day, but she was pretty excited to snowsuit up once she got home and play in it again.


What was so funny, you ask?


Big sis acting crazy on the trampoline.  Jumping on the ice and snow and breaking it up.  And considering the super light dusting we had – the trampoline was the greatest concentration we had.


Tough guys.


Abbi’s first time to do the swing out into the foam pit.  Your first foam pit night just starts the addiction!


Seriously, the parents need a turn.  Ironically, the little girl below approaching the teacher (in the pink/zig zag leo) goes to the school Abbi goes to now.  What a small world! We thought she looked familiar when Abbi started her new school and then pieced it together when they both showed up at the same class!


And then……when you can text your kiddo that school is closed the next day.  The big snow apocalypse was on its way…..


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