The Big One!

From January 22-23…..

Doesn’t looking at a bunch of snow pix make it seem like it isn’t 100 degrees outside??

We knew they’d forecasted a lot of snow for our area – but normally those forecasts are wrong.  When I woke up to get started working the next morning the snow was at least already starting to fall.  Originally Lilli’s school was going to offer extended care for kids, and Abbi’s school was going to have a delayed opening.


But as it kept falling and falling both schools decided to close, and my office made it a mandatory work from home day – with no one allowed to come into the office.  When Lilli woke up she was thrilled to see it falling and falling.


The roads in Nashville were just a mess, most of them closed and blocked.  It was a snow day for all of Nashville!


For my mid morning break we went out to play for a bit. It was freezing (obviously!) and the snow was blowing so hard.  Abbi really didn’t want any part of sledding.


She liked the idea of the snow, but not the mittens, cold, wet hands, and getting wet in the stuff.  Oliver LOVED it.  He ran and ran and ran.  Pippin hated snow so this was a huge change.


All morning it kept piling up.  It was so amazing to see since we never get snow like this.


By late afternoon it was easily the most snow any of us had seen in our lifetimes.


Lilli was THRILLED. This girl loves throwing it, rolling in it, twirling and eating it.


And for dinner we had some snow cream.  We got our snow from the front yard – where the snow is definitely not yellow.


We got a couple more inches that evening – when we went to bed we had between 7-9 inches, depending on the area.  So crazy!


The next morning was cold, but bright and sunny.  Everything looked so pretty completely buried in snow.


Without the blowing wind Abbi was much happier to play in it, but still wasn’t a fan of gloves.


She wanted to drive her little ATV up the street, but it just couldn’t get any traction on the ice or snow.


And of course big sis was getting drenched and having the best time.  She literally rolled around in the street “just because she could”.


Check out Lilli’s SOAKED hair!! So funny.


The Jeep is by far the best snowmobile they have, so they had to take it for a spin.


Later that afternoon Brent took Lilli to finally see the new Star Wars movie. She’s a big Star Wars fan and had been dying to see it.  And she LOVED it.  While our road was super snowy and icy, the main roads were all fine.


And her birthday tradition – we went out for Mexican food on her birthday eve.  Her last night of being six years old!


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