January Randoms

From January 25 – 31

The best part of having so many friends have to cancel on your birthday party are all the delayed gifts that arrive the following week.  And make sure you notice Olli’s jumping skills there on the back door – that dog can get vertical!


Being cute and going chores.  The best combo.


Some nights you just really need an impromptu trip to Sweet Cici’s.


Abbi, her robe, and her yoga pants.  That was a winter staple.


All the snow and school closures meant we had to delay their school cupcake parties, but we finally got around to a little Minnie Mouse party at Abbi’s school and one day I took donuts for Lilli’s class.


Lilli got invited to a sleepover with some of her school buddies – that’s Livvy, Kaitlyn and the other Lily.


They all had a great time, and this was Lilli’s first “big” slumber party with more than one friend.


After all the cold we had a super mild weekend.  Reading, the deck, some Sonic and a dog trying to steal my treat.


The very rare bath for Olli.


Something scary behind the wheel!! Also, her cowgirl phase was very short lived.


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