Lilli’s First Meet

From Feb 1 – Feb 6…..

I had lunch with Lilli one day at school – thankfully the company is good because the food usually leaves a lot to be desired.


Abbi at gymnastics on beam night.


Climbing the rope wall to slide into the foam pit – this girl loves gymnastics and is totally fearless!


Lilli had her first Shining Stars meet.  Competing is totally elective, and she’d skipped the December meet (too much going on with holidays) and then didn’t want to do the January meet because it was her birthday weekend.  Her first meet was in Murfreesboro at ETC gym, versus their Smyrna and Murfreesboro teams.  They line up shortest to tallest to “present” so luckily she gets to be right in front of the Shining Stars team! The 6-8 years old competed in her session.


First up – bars – her favorite apparatus.   She loves twirling and flipping around the bars.


The meets are just like the “Olympics” style process you see on TV, with all the different apparatus going on at the same time.  Even though the crowds are pretty big, you never feel like everyone is watching you so I think Lilli felt really comfortable.  She forgot a little bit of her floor routine, so that ended up being her lowest score.


Entertaining Abbi in a crowded bleacher situation, where you can’t hardly see anything, and are jammed in next to a million other parents – for three hours – during nap time – it’s as fun as it sounds.


On the vault – always her highest scoring apparatus.


And on the beam.  She did great and didn’t fall or wobble!


Finally after waiting through all the rotations and scoring it was awards time.  First award was for vault and we knew she had a great score – but were still shocked when she took first.  She took third in bars, fifth in beam and eight in floor.  Not bad for her first competition.


Abbi loves some cheering.


And then it was time for overall place – and we were SHOCKED that her scores got her first overall.  Talk about a great way to finish your first competition!


And she really didn’t have a clue what it meant – when we told her how proud we were of all her scores but especially first overall – she literally asked what that meant. HA! She was pretty thrilled when we told her that meant she was the best kid out there that night.


Afterwards it was time to get her ears pierced.  Months earlier she had set the Saturday after her birthday as her day for getting her ears pierced.  She never forgot that goal, so we headed straight from the competition to the mall.  She was a little nervous – but also very determined.


Just in case she was going to freak out we had two people pierce her ears at the same time.  And yes, one of them had rainbow hair.


All done! And so proud of her pierced ears.  She barely made any kind of fuss about it.


While we picked out some new earring in Claire’s, Abbi was pretty busy making out with herself in the mirror at H&M.  Good times.  Thank goodness for a strong immune system.


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