Scarlet Fever

From Feb 13 – 18…..

After a good workout at the gym I stopped and bought some Valentines donuts for the fam.  Because obviously I’d earned it.


Your belly after all those donuts…….


When you’ve been watching hair getting checked for lice for months, your pretend play starts to include lice checks!


Abbi’s first ever visit to the dentist! Since insurance is an annual add thing, we didn’t add her until January of this year.  Two just seemed too young to mess with the extra premiums.  Our pediatric dentist is awesome and makes the girls feel so comfortable.  It’s wide open and she was right next to big sis, watching a Dora movie they picked out.  They really let the kids touch the tools and use easy to understand words so the experience goes well for them.

And how bad does Abbi’s hair look?? She just looks like she didn’t feel great….


And getting to brush the stuffed animal’s teeth with the dentist – always Lilli’s favorite part, too.


So yeah, Abbi wasn’t doing so great the next day.  Her face kept getting puffier and she had a rash that kept getting worse.  We thought it was possibly food related and then her face kept getting more and more swollen and she started feeling terrible.


Little bumps all over her belly, back, and extending onto her face.


When she’s this still – you know it’s serious.  And it was – she had scarlet fever.  Who even knew people can still get that?? The doctor gave her the antibiotics in a shot – which is something we’ll never do again.  That shot cost us several hundred dollars in insurance fees versus the cheap “pink stuff” antibiotics that are only three or four dollars.  Both of which kick in just about the same amount of time and are equally effective.


The next day she was feeling a lot better but obviously couldn’t go back to school so Brent took her to Adventure Science to get out of the house.  Her little bumps actually took several months to completely go away – they weren’t always visible, but you could still feel them on her skin, particularly on her back.


Thumbs up for gymnastics!!


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