More Pink Stuff

From February 21 – 27…..

During consignment season while I was tagging and bagging their old stuff Brent would usually take Lilli out of the house for some daddy-daughter time so I could work in peace.  She picked the zoo for an outing this Sunday afternoon.


I have never, ever gotten to pet the kangaroos at the Nashville Zoo.  And it seems like every time they go they’re close enough to pet! I’m seriously bad kangaroo mojo.


Flamingos should never be this close to anyone’s eyeballs.


The girls had their well kid visits for their 7th and 3rd birthdays.  We thought they were both super healthy and that Abbi was recovered from scarlet fever.  In reality, Abbi had an ear infection and Lilli had STREP THROAT.  Seriously.  The girl had strep throat and zero symptoms.  Not a one.  Felt great, no fever or sore throat or anything.  So we left with two prescriptions for 10 days of the pink stuff after walking in thinking everyone was feeling great!

Abbi ranked in the 95th percentile for height and Lilli in the 5th percentile.  She continues to grow but at a slow rate, so the doctor said if that ever slows more we might need to do some testing, but she’s not overly concerned and just thinks Lilli is super petite.


Does this girl seem sick? Um, no.  But she was thrilled to be sent home and get a day off of school where she could just Netflix binge.


In the names list she made at school #4 just cracks me up – all those names listed but Serif gets a hear and “love you” beside it.  Just smitten.


Abbi just loves Coach Jacque.


Lilli wanted to have a sleepover with me in the bonus room one Friday night.  We slept on the floor in our sleeping bags.  She slept great.  I slept like I was on the bonus room floor in a very thin sleeping bag.


Brent took her out for a Saturday afternoon at Adventure Science.  We always have to pose with the man with no bones!


The special area was a building theme so she made a little fairy house out of some lumber.


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