March Randoms

From March 4 – 11….

Lilli and I got up bright and early on a Saturday morning to do some discount consignment shopping.  First we needed some nutrition so we stopped by Dunkin Donuts to fuel up.  Somehow she had two donuts and a soda and lost weight while I had a healthy egg white thing and coffee and gained ten pounds.


She found roller skates for her Build a Bear.  Obviously the morning was success.


We had to build a diorama for school of a habitat – she went with forest so we could use some of her snakes.


Warm early spring days are the best.


Someone photo bombed little sis after church.  Not a shocker since it’s also unacceptable to wear sandals that early in the season.


Miss thang.


I found this monster truck for Abbi at a consignment sale and she couldn’t have been happier.  This girl loves her trucks and cars.


A box bigger than the kid! Thank goodness for Amazon where we can have giant things delivered to our door all the time!


Play time with Snuggly.


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