A Day of Programs….

From March 18th….

When you have two kids you know this day will come – they day they both have a program on the same day! Luckily Lilli’s program was during the day and Abbi’s was in the evening.

First up – the first grade “It’s Easy to be Green” play about recycling and helping the Earth.


The First Grade…..Lilli’s in the middle row third from the left.


Each class had a song they performed to and her class did the “Recycle Rap”.  It was really cute and she’d been practicing for weeks.  Last year in the kindergarten play she barely moved her lips and looked scared to death and this year she was out there singing and dancing like it was nothing.


She’d also told us she had a singing part with a microphone – which had us scared to death.  She’s never liked performing and we’d practiced her part for weeks.  But when the time came she just marched up there with her little group and they sang their song like it was nothing! We were so proud of her – she’s come a long way from being so shy and scared at stuff like this.


Then that evening it was time for Abbi’s Easter program.  We’d heard next to nothing about it and didn’t have a clue what Abbi was going to be doing.  She hadn’t been singing anything at home, we didn’t have any song to practice, and when we asked her she didn’t seem to even act like there was anything they’d been working on.


Her class were these cute little froggies.


She mostly just stood there and occasionally bounced, like the rest of the older 2’s/younger 3’s in her class.  It’s really about all you can expect from kids this age.


But the best part was when they came off the stage and she broke away from her class and ran to give Lilli a hug.  Occasionally they can get along.

Afterwards they had some desserts and we celebrated TWO successful performances that day!


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