Spring Breaking it, Part 2

From March 24-25…..

I let the girls sleep in a little and then they got to have donuts in our bed and watch cartoons before we dropped Abbi off at preschool.


For our day together Lilli wanted to go roller skating so I was all in for that! I love to do some roller blading.


We skated the morning away……


That afternoon she wanted to make a cake – she was into some kids cooking challenges on Netflix and really wanted to get creative in the kitchen.  Cracking eggs is hil-a-rious!


Her finished product – definitely creative and…. crunchy.  We made a chocolate cake with homemade strawberry icing and then she decorated it with a lot of random things.


For Good Friday we were all home and decided to spend the morning looking at the bunnies at Phillips Toy Mart, a local toy store that brings in a bunch of bunnies each Easter season.


The girls had fun playing with all the toys – babies, trains, cars, etc.  They could have stayed all day.  Actually, if it was up to them we’d still be there.


And outside they had tiny little bunnies you could hold.  They weren’t for sale, which was the best part of all – no kid pressure or tears about taking one home.


Later that night we got out to take Olli for a walk on the greenway and get some fresh spring air.


Of course they had to fight over who could hold the leash.  Abbi only dropped it once and luckily as he ran through the woods he got tangled up pretty fast.


And Lilli, who really isn’t a fan of the dog at all, had to take a few turns holding him as well.


Pretty thing blowing dandelions.


She picked out some binoculars at the toy store that morning.  We figured it’s the type of toy she’ll enjoy for years and years.  Or at least tens of minutes.


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