Easter 2016

From March 26-27…..

Finally it was the big day – time to change out her earrings.  She’d been counting down every single day until it was time, and then she wanted me to change them.  It was easy enough getting them out, but I had a hard time getting the Shopkins earrings in that she wanted to wear.  And that sort of thing just makes me nauseous,  then she got nauseated and at one point in the process we were both down in the floor.  But, Brent finally got them in and we were set for the day.


I had gotten the times wrong for the annual Walk through Jerusalem at the church where Abbi was in daycare, but we ended up being able to make it for a few minutes.  Every year it’s more and more crowded and this year people were walking around with the marketplace chickens.  So we let Lilli hold one for a few minutes, too.


The girls were able to spend their coins in a few of the markets before the final play took place.  They have the same markets each year, but the girls love it – making wax stamps, bath salts, stomping olives, sampling breads, making dolls and jewelry – all kinds of Bible time fun.


That night they set out carrots and wrote notes for the Easter Bunny.


Getting a good picture of them together this year just didn’t happen.  At all.  Between the fighting, the dog, and more fighting – it just didn’t happen.


But at least Lilli likes to pose.


Lilli’s letter to the Easter Bunny – I’m pretty sure she’s trying to butter him up for lots of candy and Shopkins.


And a note back from the Bunny himself –


Their loot – safe and sound out of Oliver’s reach.  Lots of candy, some books (Cars for Abbi and chapter books for Lilli), some Shopkins for each girl and a small stuffed bunny.


The next morning they were all super excited to see what the bunny had brought!


Of course Abbi had to sample that chocolate bunny first thing.  Our apologies to her Sunday school teachers.


After church we had lunch at McAlisters – and Lilli had to sport her bunny earrings for Easter.


Two cute chickadees with their new bunnies and matching dresses that I had scored at Sam’s for $14 each! That’s a win.


When we got home Brent got a few sweet snaps of our little bunnies.  I think this one needs a frame!


Sweet, sweet sisters.  (Who are currently in bed fighting…..)


For a tiny little thing Lilli can definitely get some air – probably why she’s so great at vault!


That afternoon we dyed some eggs.  Dying eggs is not high on my list of favorite things to do – it’s so messy and honestly just bizarre.  And then what do you do with them? We don’t always end up dying them, but this year they had asked to.  We dyed them and then later that night ended up having some indoor egg hunts and eventually tossing all the eggs until they cracked.


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