Science and Tulips

From March 28 – April 2

Little helpers assisting with fruit chopping and knife licking for dinner.


In Science club they’d made volcano reactions using the standard vinegar and baking soda and had even made a little clay volcano for their eruptions.  She got to bring her clay home so we made more lava that night.


Baby sis was way into it as well.  Lilli loved Science club last semester.  They met once a week after school and did various science reactions and other fun stuff.


They’re electric!


Best buds, the two original wild kids.


Helping make gluten free pancakes on a Saturday morning.  In her gymnastics leo, of course.


We went to Cheekwood to see the tulips in peak bloom and it was the biggest crowd we’d ever seen! They had a lot going on to welcome in spring, including rescued animals the kids could pet.


We took a picnic and fed the turtles some of our leftovers.


The trains are always a huge hit, especially for Abbi.


And the main attraction, all the thousands of tulips in bloom.


Wild thing!


For dinner we went to Local Taco and ran into our friends, the Kans.  Lilli and Abbi were so excited to see Kelly and Elizabeth.  The place was PACKED and the wait was long – so we ended up all squeezing into a booth.  The highlight was when David’s fajitas set off a smoke alarm and the Brentwood fire department had to come and check it out.  We’ve never had that happen before!  Too fun, and definitely a memorable night!


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