April Randoms

From April 3 – 8…..

Spring means yard work and yard work means worms for everyone to love on.  And Abbi is great at taking one worm and turning it into two or three worms.  Poor worms.


And spring means the water table gets cleaned up, filled up, and splash your sister and puppy games get underway.  It’s all fun and games until you’re the one who gets splashed, unless you’re Olli who LOVES to get splashed and sprayed.


We headed to the indoor pool one night at the Y to get everyone reminded of their swim moves, and to see what kind of lessons we might need.  With all the camps Lilli does we really wanted her to get really comfortable in the water and pass the swim test this year.


Warming up at gymnastics.


Every week after we sent the St Patty Day cookies we got a sweet note like this from Lilli’s teacher.  And considering we were running late nearly every week to drop her off in the morning rush we should’ve sent cookies earlier in the semester!


I went and had lunch with Lilli – we really didn’t have lunch together nearly enough during first grade and that’s such a shame.  It was Nachos day and I have to say – it really wasn’t bad!


She wanted Reese to be her special friend to sit at the Parent Table with us.  These two are joined at the hip best friends.  And since we went to FHU with her mom they like to say they’re “half sisters” and they also call each other “sisters in Christ”.  So sweet.  And they’re both so tiny that I think it helps the other feel not so tiny.


It was also the day where we got to check out the book we ordered in her name for the semester.  Each semester the library has a fundraiser where you can order a book from their list and have the students name and a message plated in the front.  They get to have brownies or muffins and be the first one to check out their special book.  Such a fun reminder for years to come and a great way to support the school and reading – which this girl LOVES!


And remember the tree we cut down Thanksgiving weekend – the stump was just big and nasty and unsightly. And it oozed weird things.


We finally had a guy come and grind it.  In less than an hour he got the whole thing ground up and the massive roots hauled away.  We should’ve done that months earlier.


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