Dancing and Flipping

From April 9 – 10…..

I had to take a little break to get through two big consignment sales! Luckily I’ve cleared out a TON of old toys, old clothes and junk the kids will never miss – and made a  nice chunk of extra money! Woot!

Abbi loves playing in the old truck.  For some reason she likes to pretend it’s a fast food restaurant and take your order out the back window.  So odd!!!


It was Daddy-Daughter Dance night at school! Last year Lilli was crushed when it was on her birthday and she ended up with strep throat and couldn’t go! This year she got dolled up, borrowed a pair of my dangly earring and did a great job accessorizing with a jean jacket.  You can never go wrong with denim!


When your best bud shows up and you both look adorable!


The theme was under the sea and they had all kinds of cute desserts and things for the girls.


Mostly the girls danced with each other – lots of Taylor Swift and Adele – and danced with their daddies on certain songs.  Mostly the dads stood around looking uncomfortable and out of place, according to Brent.  But they had a blast and it was a special night.  In a couple more years he’ll have two dates to take!


The next day was the last competition of the season – the big “Season Championship”! It was at the gym in Murfreesboro where she’d done so well, and she was dying to compete because this time you got a trophy! And she was the 3rd shortest this time!


Bars – her favorite event


Floor – always her weakest event


Beam – she’s always good and steady


And vault – where she kills it every time with her speed and ability to just fly! Tiny little thing!


And – like always – she came in first in Vault! A great way to start the awards.


She got third in both beam and bars, and sixth in floor.  And overall – she came in third! If it had been the Olympics that would’ve been a solid bronze medal!


And posing with her trophy and all those medals.  We now have a TON of medals for her we need to display.  She had a great competition season and really built her confidence and refined a lot of things like toe points, sticking the landing, etc.  We’re so proud of how our little gymnast did!


It’s tiring missing that nap and having to be squeezed into the bleachers all afternoon with nothing to do! Those long afternoons sitting there just watching were tough for poor Abbi, especially because it’s so crowded she has no space to roam.


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